Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sworn to Protect

Title: Sworn to Protect [Part. 2 of the"Call of Duty" series]
Author: DiAnn Mills
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Romance/Fiction

Danika Morales has sworn to protect our borders. But that oath has come with a price.

Two years ago, her husband was shot and killed trying to help undocumented immigrants- the very same people Danika, a Border Patrol Agent, is responsible for deporting. His murder was never solved.

Now, a recent string of attacks and arrests leads Danika to believe her husband's death may have been part of a larger conspiracy, and it appears that she's the next target. When the Border Patrol discovers that one of their own is leaking top-secret information, Danika turns to the only person she can trust-a doctor at the local medical clinic. Together they search for answers before more innocent lives are destroyed.

[(c) DiAnn Mills]

I found this book the best! I loved every minute. Just after a couple of pages turned, and you had some suspenseful action! Definitely a must read!

Pursuit of Justice

Title: Pursuit of Justice [Book 1 of the "Call of Duty" series]
Author: DiAnn Mills
Genre: Mystery/Romance/Suspense/Fiction

For centuries, the legend of the "Spider Rock" treasure has lured people to West Texas with promises of unimaginable wealth. And it just claimed 3 more victims.

Did they fall prey to the legend's curse or just get to close to someone else's discovery?
To investigate the murders, the FBI calls in one of its most promising up-and-comers- Special Agent Bella Jordan. What they don't know is that one of their prime suspects is deeply connected to the past that she's been running from for fourteen years.

As Bella begins to shift through the evidence, another murder and threats on her own life convince her she's hunting for an experienced killer...and he's not working alone. To the catch the suspect before he catches her, Bella must draw on all her skill and instinct and finally gather the courage to face the memories she's tried so hard to forget.

[(c) DiAnn Mills]

I highly recommend reading this book! I found it exciting with twisting turns - hard to figure out the killer yourself - and great suspense! It will surprise you in the end so its a must read!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Title: Predator
Author: Terri Blackstock
Genre: Mystery - Fiction

When I was at the library, I saw this book in the New Releases section and I just had to get it. For one thing, Blackstock is one of my favorite authors! Here's a summary of the book.

Krista Carmichael is a woman who founded a ministry for girls who need help named Eagle's Wings. Her sister, Ella goes missing. For two weeks, hundreds of volunteers search for the girl. A group of kids find a body in the woods half buried and the body is identified to be Ella. Krista is determined to find the cold blooded murderer who stalked her sister on one of the most popular forum sites, GrapeVyne. She creates a false account in hopes of drawing the killer in.
Ryan Adkins is the inventor of GrapeVyne. He's presently the CEO of the company and also a millionaire with a comfortable 100 million in a private bank account. He becomes caught up into this whole scenario and realizes its all he can do to stay alive along with Krista.

A Time To Love

Title: A Time to Love - Mail Order Bride Series
Author: Al & Joanna Lacy
Genre: Romance - Fiction
A time to love is a very neat book. Its about a young woman named Linda Forrest. When her long-awaited wedding day ends in disaster, Linda wonders is she'll ever learn to love and trust another person.
Blake Barret went from being the heir of the Pacific Bank and Trust Company located in Sacramento, California, to being the owner. He desperately needs and wants a bride so he places a Mail Order Bride ad in several newspapers.
Linda becomes surprised when Blake all of sudden moves from Sacramento to Cheyenne City. Her surprise then turns into suspicion when he seems to be uncomfortable in church...nothing like the young christian man who had written her.
Then Blake gets framed from one of his "friends"and Linda is deceived.
Its a book that you have to read!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Until the Daybreak

Title: Until the Daybreak - Mail Order Bride Series
Author: Al & Joanna Lacy
Genre: Romance - Fiction
This book I found very interesting. Its about a young girl named Dorianne DeFeo who lives with her father, Franco DeReo, an Italian immigrant who lives in New York. When her father observes some men smuggling diamonds, he is fatally wounded by the men. While in his daughter's arms, the devout father dies but not before he says a few words. After his killers are brought to justice, Dorianne witnesses another cruel murder while traveling West which sends her in shock and bringing her life into total darkness.
As Stone McKenna, a widowed young marshal of Tombstown, Arizona, awaits the the arrival of his mail order bride, his raven-haired beauty prays to God for light in her darkness.
Its a very good book and I definitely recommend you read it!


Title: Deceived
James Scott Bell
Genre: Mystery - Fiction

Deceived is a novel that keeps you guessing. I found it very thrilling and entertaining to read. The book is about a character named Liz Towne. The wife of Arty Town; a new transformed believer. He wants to quit his job because it deals with pornography and now that he's a christian, he want to get out with the old. She wants him to keep the job because he's about to get a huge paycheck.

Then Arty disappears. Arty's best friend, Mac McDonald who was a former Gulf War vet and also has spent some time in prison is determined to find out what happened along with Arty's sister, Roxanne "Rocky" Towne. Together they sort and separate the lies from the truths and together they find Arty's killer.


Title: Listen
Author: Rene Gutteridge
Genre: Mystery - Fiction

So, I just finished a book called "Listen" by Rene Gutteridge. It was a very wonderful book and had a strong, positive message to it. The book is written to teach you a message about words. Just how powerful words are.
The book is centered on a website (FICTION) that someone created. Whoever created the website is posting private conversations that aren't meant to be listened to. People in the town are reading the website and friends are becoming enemies. People are getting hurt and even killed. I'm not gonna tell you who created the website but the person who won't even see it coming. =)
So, make sure you go to your local library and find the book and read it! Its a most definite read!